Guidance and Advisory

Considering the competitive nature of how things stand, it is necessary for the corporate environment to remain ahead when it comes to mobility trends.

Relevant Guidance

As a company reputed for offering relocation advice and guidance BTR International possesses in-depth proficiency in teaming up with HR and mobility functions of companies of all sizes and market sectors. Our comprehensive knowledge acquired over a period of more than 35 years in varied industries and cultures of the world, has facilitated to a large extent to develop operative programmes that meet your requirements, within whatever your personalized scope. That is why we believe in offering solutions that are custom-designed accurately for meeting the objectives of your business.

Expert Advice

BTR teams up with your organisation to understand your specific requirements and objectives that are relevant for your business model in order to impart expert mobility solutions, resulting in an all-inclusive integration of mobility and talent. Our proficiency makes sure your company gains a quantifiable value and return on investment.

BTR’s guidance and advisory accommodate your personal needs as we share our expertise through surveys, industry research and our communications. Through our extensive array of services, we can offer you the right guidance when it comes to your talent and mobility initiatives.

A brief look at our Guidance and Advisory Service:

  • Offering a comparative study, benchmarking programme
  • Executing and complete process mapping
  • Advice on design/development of policy structure
  • Assistance in researching every case
  • Analysis reporting
  • Planning and execution of projects end-to-end
  • Developing and supporting your budget allocations
  • Delivering employee orientations
  • Specialised destination support
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    We use the services of your company as a benefit to our assignees that we recruit from abroad. This has proved to be very successful and we’ve had some excellent feedback, as we pay your company directly via an invoice which includes VAT we avoid any tax implications for the assignee, as no money for this service is paid to the assignee directly.


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