Mobility Consulting

Moving multiple employees to varied locations globally can be a complex as well as an administrative burden.

Words Of Wsdom

The challenges involved in relocating the assignees between different cities across the world are immense. And we as your relocation partner, we understand the nuances of this business and that’s why as a part of our international mobility services, we have come up with our consulting solutions, which not only facilitate your business but ensure the requirements of your employees are equally cared for.

As your global mobility consultant, we support you in devising a plan so your assignee’s move effectively. We can create cost models that cater to requirements and policy details specific to your company along with providing relevant information and briefing services, which can be delivered online as well as face-to-face. This enables you to have access to our host of relocation tools that will help your assignees to move and settle in their new location.

Our Unmatched Services

We understand that every business is different and has its unique individual requirements and strategies. That is why we offer bespoke services that can be individually scaled as per the requirements of your organisation.

As your mobility consultant, we listen at consultation and evaluate your needs to enable us to devise a strategy, so you can plan your requirements and ensure that your entire workforce is taken care of and supported throughout the course of the relocation process.

Understanding the mobility consulting service that we offer at BTR:

  • Setting budgetary allocation of the relocation programme
  • Framing policies catering to the mobility solutions for the company
  • Briefing your teams to understand which processes to execute
  • Providing access to knowledgeable mobility consultants
  • Ensuring access to all smart tracking and reporting tools
  • Providing assistance 24/7
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    We use the services of your company as a benefit to our assignees that we recruit from abroad. This has proved to be very successful and we’ve had some excellent feedback, as we pay your company directly via an invoice which includes VAT we avoid any tax implications for the assignee, as no money for this service is paid to the assignee directly.


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