About Us

Relocating a diverse workforce across the globe is not simple and can be a challenging experience. It’s about getting the employee settled and ready for their new role. Organising a global move brings together coordination to ensure a seamless relocation process.

At BTR International, our team walks that extra mile to make sure you not only get assistance in the relocation process of your employees but also a trustworthy partner in cross country removals, who you can rely on every step of the way.

Primary Capability

Our primary capability is to provide services, which facilitate companies to aid their employees to move and settle down in their new country of assignment. And we make sure that we deliver our services, which consistently maintain the highest possible international standards, that align with your objectives.

We are one of UK’s premier corporate relocations company and one of the only service partners that provide operational excellence and financially guaranteed outcomes through our mobility programmes.


Unwavering Integrity

We believe when it comes to comparing the large amount of moving companies, we stand firm to maintaining the integrity of your company, upholding the confidentiality of your corporate information and delivering a smooth relocation process.

No matter, how complicated, your operation might be, no matter, which part of the world your employees need to be relocated to, BTR International is all about taking care of your people, simplifying your business, and bringing optimal efficiency through metrics-driven performance management as an extension of your enterprise.