As we start 2014, the prospects for the year ahead are good. Industry leaders such as CBI, CIPD and Forbes are optimistic about this year, particularly from the view of employees.
General consensus of expert opinion is that companies have reduced costs, rationalised operations and streamlined job functions as much as possible.

The result? More has been asked of existing staff. This too had had an impact. Forbes reports that dealing with overwhelmed employees is the top HR issue for 60% of companies.

Whilst some have been overwhelmed, others have risen to the challenge. In 2014, these top performers are even more crucial organisations. Employee engagement will be crucial to retention this year. In many cases, valuable people will be looking for fresh challenges and promotion, reflecting the unrelenting workload and their achievements during recent years.

With better retention comes a scarcity of key skills prompting a global search for talent and an inevitable need for talent mobility. For some companies, this will be a learning curve; a new approach to employee recruitment and retention. That’s where BTR International can help.

We work with your business and your assignees to ensure stress-free relocations, worldwide. We understand that no two moves are the same, offering advice, accredited expertise and trusted contacts. If you will be involved with the surge in talent mobility, contact us via our email contact form (above right) or on +44 (0)1582 495 495. We’re here to help.

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