New research from Glassdoor shows the best places to work in the UK – with one surprise…

Towns and cities were assessed according to three factors:

• Hiring opportunity
• Cost of living
• Job satisfaction

Locations were allocated a score out of five and the results are in…

Here are the top eight places to work in Britain:

• =8 Manchester (score 3.6, hot jobs: Project Manager, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager)
• =8 Swindon (score 3.6, hot jobs: Sales Rep, Store Manager, Civil Engineer)
• =8 Northampton (score 3.6, hot jobs: Finance Manager, Recruitment Consultant, Bus Driver)
• =8 Bradford (score 3.6, hot jobs: Customer Services Advisor, Operations Manager, Technician)
• =5 Reading (score 3.7, hot jobs: Sales Associate, Sales Representative, Technical Support Engineer
• =5 Coventry (score 3.7, hot jobs: Maintenance Engineer, Sales Manager, Customer Service Advisor)
• =5 Peterborough (score 3.7, hot jobs: Product Manager, Store Manager, Bartender)
• 4 Leeds (score 3.8, hot jobs: Recruitment Consultant, Chef, Project Manager)
• =2 Nottingham (score 4, hot jobs: Sales Manager, Business Analyst, Software Engineer)
• =2 Milton Keynes (score 4, hot jobs: Store Manager, Management Consultant, Business Development Manager
• 1 Cambridge (score 4.1, hot jobs: Software Engineer, Chef, Sales Rep)
The surprise? London is not listed – at all. Why? Property prices and the cost of living. In fact, London was placed 17th in Mercer’s list of the world’s most expensive cities to live in.“Whether assignees are relocating globally or within the UK, they need to be aware of the cost of living that will be involved in their new location,” explains Kevin Wieczorek, Sales and Marketing Director of BTR International.

He adds: “When we help to relocate employees globally, moving and living support is usually provided. Actually, this can be as important during domestic transfers too.”

If your employees are moving either globally or within the UK, why not have an informal chat with Kevin? Contact him or call him on +44 (0) 1582 495495. We’ll make your moves as stress-free as possible.

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