As business becomes increasingly global, there is one aspect which can be relied upon to create uncertainty: joining (at least) two cultures together.
Talent Management reports that up to 70% of mergers and acquisitions fail. Cultural conflict is one of the common reasons why.

Successfully recognising and managing people and culture related issues are how many succeed. They focus on putting the right people in the right places… with the right support. Understanding the cultural differences involved is a huge help – and becoming even more crucial.

Corporate transferees make up 1% of the world’s expat population. That equates to 505,000 people. This figure is expected to almost triple by 2017. (Angloinfo)
So how do we help prepare assignees for the cultural lifestyle and business changes involved?

It’s the details which count:
Planning – what is important to the assignee; schools, transport links, medical facilities, local amenities?
Orientation – a personalised, assisted visit will help assignees make vital decisions about the neighbourhood they want to live in.
Home Search – finding the ideal new home for each assignee saves a lot of stress and time.
Training – bespoke training to help individuals understand their new country and culture.

Language Tuition – will make settling in and day-to-day living so much easier.
Practicalities – moving to and from any location requires planning, removal, transportation and possibly storage before safe delivery. As stated above, it’s the details that count.
There’s much to think about!

For many assignees and their HR colleagues, it’s good to know that experienced support is available to offer help and advice with integrating into a new culture.

BTR International and our carefully selected partners are proud to offer this valuable assistance.

To find out more visit our services page, or contact Kevin Wieczorek for a free discussion. (Email or call Kevin on +44 (0)1582 495 495.)

Successful cultural integration means quicker productivity and sustained moves. It really is the key to overseas business success.

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