Five big considerations for international assignees…

Moving to a different country to take on a new role is challenging, exciting… and a little daunting. Here are five top factors to consider when weighing up whether a new job abroad is right for you:

1. Cost of Living

Often, property abroad is cheaper than in the UK. However the level of day-to-day living costs varies greatly and can be more expensive than you are used to. As well as property and household expenses (such as energy and food), what about hobbies and transport?

Remember that variations in the exchange rate may affect you too.

2. Health

Despite complaints about the National Health Service in England, free healthcare is something that assignees often take for granted. When moving abroad for work, healthcare is an important factor to consider. What provisions are in place? Do you feel that these are sufficient? What extra support do you want – and how can you achieve this?

3. Your UK Property

Typically, international assignees choose between renting and selling their UK properties. Renting involves tax, insurance and management issues – plus your mortgage company must be informed of your move. As a minimum, you need to inform your utility companies, the post office and your local authority of your move abroad. Your relocation team will be able to support you to make sure that you cover all these details.

4. Language

Learning the native language of your relocation destination helps you to settle in and make local friends faster. Language tuitionshould be provided to help you with this.

5. Family

Whether you are travelling on your own, or taking your partner/family with you… relocation affects your family too. From cultural awareness, finding the right school and local knowledgethrough to knowing the cost and frequency of visiting home – researching these details allows you to make informed decisions.

Ultimately, an international assignment is a wonderful opportunity – to gain new skills and experience, to demonstrate your flexibility and maybe learn a new language too. These are all marketable attributes when looking for your next opportunity.

Our biggest piece of advice? Be Prepared.

“Making sure that you know what to expect from your new location plus tying up your affairs at home means that you can make the most of your new opportunity,” explains Kevin Wieczorek, Sales & Marketing Director of BTR International.

“Both assignees and organisations need to have the information, policies and support in place to make your international assignment a success.”

If you would like to discuss any of the above points, please contact Kevin via or call +44 (0) 1582 495495.

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