During these times of political and economic uncertainty, where are the best places for global business in 2018?

Whether you’re a business owner, an investor or an assignee, it’s fascinating to know where foreign direct investment is being directed. Forbes Insights and OFX have developed the Global Exchange Index (GEI). This ranking takes various factors into account, such as: business environment, cost of living and quality of expatriate experience. The degree to which each country welcomes foreign investment and protects private property is also taken into consideration.

Forbes reports that the top ten countries for global business are:

1. Singapore
Singapore’s winning position is heavily influenced by its hospitality, absence of corruption and rapid economic growth. It was ranked as the top country for ease of doing business.2. Switzerland
The economy in Switzerland combines stability and flexibility very well. Skills are amongst its most important imports, suiting global mobility very well.3. The Netherlands
The Netherlands is strongly internationally-minded with a long history as a great trading nation. The Dutch are hospitable toward foreigners, as evidenced by the fact that 90% or more of the population speaks English.

4. United States
With the largest economy and the largest value of foreign direct investment, the US is strongly competitive and readily accepts foreigners.5. Hong Kong
Hong Kong has the second-highest stock of foreign direct investment in the world and an ideal physical location for many markets.6. Germany
German society is now diverse and inclusive with Berlin other cities ranked among the best cities in the world in terms of the quality of life.

7. Canada
Forbes states that: “Almost a quarter of the population is foreign-born, and major cities such as Toronto and Vancouver are as cosmopolitan as New York and London. Among the attractions of Canada for foreign investors are a relatively low cost of living and a highly qualified workforce.”8. United Kingdom
The decision to leave the European Union has influenced the UK’s position, as the country would normally feature more highly in this list of global business countries. Whilst it remains the financial capital of Europe, Forbes reports that “its relatively poor showing in the expatriate survey and lagging global competitiveness help push it down to eighth place.”
9. Ireland
Ireland successfully attracts foreign investment, helped by its corporate income tax rate being the lowest in Europe, (12.5%). Whilst Ireland’s population has a reputation for being friendly, the country scored poorly in the expatriate survey.10. China
The report shows that China is: “now the fourth-largest recipient of foreign direct investment, driven by the promise of access to the world’s second-largest economy and its position as an export powerhouse.”

“Each of these countries each offers unique opportunities for organisations and assignees alike,” says Suzanne sells, Global Move Specialist at BTR International. “Stress-free, fully supported relocations ensure that assignees can settle into their new country and culture quickly. By enjoying their new role and country more quickly, assignees offer better productivity to their companies.”

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