Today, HR teams must focus on driving talent outcomes. This is especially the case in larger and/or global organisations.

Only 5% – 10% of companies surveyed recently had truly achieved ‘business driven’ HR, fully utilising the evolution of both HR and technology. These organisations had optimised their talent programmes and their HR service delivery. (Source: Bresin, CIPD)

Even for these high achievers change remains inevitable, based upon:

• The emergence of network recruiting and talent warehousing, thereby reducing the cost and timescale of hiring.

• The digital learning environment, offering a ‘learn on demand’ solution, independent of location.

Josh Bersin of Deloitte suggests that: “The core of high-impact HR today is creating more specialists and locating them closer to the business, where they can drive the most value.“

Recruitment teams must recognise the roles and culture of local positions. Plus, local groups should determine the best learning solutions for their own teams. But – does this localisation move HR back in time to the days of placing HR teams throughout the business?

No. That’s where technology helps, offering standard policies, guidelines and templates across the business operation. Deloitte’s report shows how high-impact HR teams have adapted their model to achieve success:

• They have almost 65% specialists, reducing the need for generalists
• They create ‘networks’ – rather than ‘centres’ – of expertise
• Senior-level HR business partners have local control
• Their focus is on effectiveness and outcomes
• HR is pushed to solve business problems and deliver business outcomes
• Strong internal technology and subsequent commonality is created
• They have a professional development team for the HR function“We understand that HR teams are crucial to the success of global mobility,” says Kevin Wieczorek, Sales & Marketing Director of BTR International. “Our role is to make sure that international relocations are completed as smoothly as possible, helping HR teams and assignees alike. This involves everything from helping to create a comprehensive relocation policy to assisting individuals with movingand living in their new location.”

The role of HR is a delicate balance between local understanding and global business objectives. As global talent mobility increases, so will the value of hi-impact HR.

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