The 7th edition of pwc’s benchmarks 30 leading cities. What makes these global business, finance and culture capitals successful?

Ultimately, a balance between social and economic strengths is required. The results show that quality of life factors have the most impact, placing people before business.

The top cities must have balanced strengths in:
• Education
• Transit
• Health
• Economics
• Governance

Eight cities gained top three placings in at least two of these areas:
• London
• Singapore
• Paris
• Beijing
• Sydney
• Toronto
• Stockholm
• New York

The pwc report suggests that there are three ingredients to healthy city life:

1. Tools for changing world – cities must be physically and digitally connected in today’s knowledge-based world

2. Quality of life – this has a direct impact upon wellbeing and prosperity and starts with the daily conditions of life for the people who live in these cities

3. Economics – ease of doing business, cost indicators and economic clout are measured in the category. The most open and diverse results were achieved within this section.

So… which cities topped the 2016 results?

London, Singapore, Toronto and Paris.

The key to their success? Consistency.

“As we manage and implement global relocations, we often see ‘trends’ regarding which cities assignees are moving to,” says Suzanne Sells, Business Development Executive at BTR International. “Assessing the appeal of a city requires the same approach that we give to our relocations: it’s all about placing people first.”

She adds: ”For any global assignment to be successful, the needs of the individuals involved must be met alongside business requirements. BTR International’s approach ensures that relocations are smooth. Assignees settle into their new locations quickly, boosting productivity.”

If you would like to know more, contact Suzanne for an informal discussion. Email her at or call her on +44 (0)1582 495 495.

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