Comparison sites have become the ‘go to’ place when our personal insurance policies are due for renewal.

In the UK, 60% of people use them when researching or buying a financial product. Car, house… even holiday insurance… most of us shop around before renewing with our existing policy provider – or not.

The top reasons for using these comparisons are:

• Finding the best deal – 85%
• Price comparison – 83%
• Reduce costs or outgoings – 79%
• View which companies offer the policy needed – 69%
• Switch suppliers – 67%

Surely these reasons apply to businesses too? Yet – in our professional lives, securing comparisons is not as instinctive despite the higher value of the contracts involved.

Sticking with an existing provider can be a signal of apathy, of demanding roles or little time rather than an indication of good service and best value.

“Many organisations would rather avoid the time and effort involved with changing supplier whilst the company involved is providing an adequate service. Buy why should companies ‘settle’ for a service rather than be impressed by the work and value provided?” asks Suzanne Sells, Business Development Executive at BTR International.

Complacency can often creep into relationships with long term suppliers. Often, neither party realises that this is happening. Talking to an alternative supplier can introduce a fresh approach and innovative ideas. Sometimes, it can reassure you that you are right to keep working with your existing supplier. Very often, it can signpost the need to change. Simply talking to other providers can highlight opportunities to increase both service and value. If you don’t have conversations, you’ll never know.

Consistency is Key 
Research shows that as soon as customer satisfaction falls to 80% or less, clients are willing to consider alternative suppliers.

Across all of BTR International’s contracts, our customer satisfaction score is 98%. “We are proud of our consistent performance,” says Suzanne. “This means that we never take our existing clients for granted and have a great deal to offer new contacts.”

She explains: “An informal discussion doesn’t need to be time consuming, yet it can generate a wealth of ideas to consider.”

Do you have time for an informal discussion about your international relocation requirements? There’s no obligation involved and it could be very enlightening!

Contact Suzanne via or call her on +44 (0) 1582 495495. Ensure that your assignees’ international relocations involve minimal stress and maximum cost-effectiveness.

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