Recent research has shown the patterns of the truly global workforce over the last five years. Results will be key to organisations seeking to attract the best talent; global talent mobility is hugely influential in today’s recruitment world.
The Hydrogen Group has released its findings, showing the attitudes, experiences and priorities of professionals regarding working abroad. 2,444 participants cross 99 countries were involved.
The findings were:

• The number of professionals wanting to work abroad has doubled (to 35%).

• 62% participants had already worked abroad, increasing the wealth of global experience available to employers.
• 2014 respondents had the most positive attitude towards working abroad (out of the five years covered by the research). 40% saw no barriers to international relocation.
• Social networks (such as LinkedIn) are used during recruitment, however organisations prefer to work with recruiters due to their specialist and local market knowledge.
• 25% professional feel that their job prospects have improved as a result of working abroad.
• The most favoured destinations to relocate to are USA and UK.
• More than two thirds of participants are willing to relocate to BRICS countries, (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). Personal growth opportunities are the biggest motivator, with security, language and family cited as the barriers to working in these countries.

Importantly, the research highlights a growing acceptance – and embracing – of global mobility.

“Many assignees are excited about relocating internationally,” says Kevin Wieczorek, BTR International’s Sales and Marketing Director. “The support involved with the move makes a huge difference to people’s expectations and experience”.

“Integration is far easier with cultural awareness and language training. We’ll help assignees and their families. The sooner a new location feels familiar and homely, the quicker people settle into their new work role and environment.”

The growing acceptance and support for international relocation within the workforce helps Human Resources teams enormously. If you would like to plan for global mobility within your organisation, talk to BTR International. We have a range of policy and planning services plus a proven global relocation network. We’ll make your moves as stress free as possible.

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