With global mobility comes a more diverse range of job applicants. The pressure to fill vacancies efficiently and effectively is felt within all levels of the organisation, mostly within HR teams.

Businesses spend an average of £10,000 on each employee, according to Consensus HR. With this level of investment, it’s vital to hire the right person and to keep recruitment costs down.

A new report from Access suggests ten top tips to reduce recruitment costs:

1. Electronic job specifications and workflow – a central database of electronic forms and specifications enables quick creation of positions and uploading to relevant job boards and agencies.

2. Corporate website advertising – a CIPD survey shows intranets are one of the most effective ways of attracting applications, out-performing agencies, (63% compared with 60%).

3. Pre-screening – HR systems will ensure that candidates have relevant qualifications and experience before submitting their CVs, saving managers’ valuable time.

4. Online access for agencies – this reduces duplication of effort and increases agency proactivity, especially as candidates progress through the recruitment process.

5. Automated messaging – allows consistent communication with applicants, avoiding time spent dealing with queries about their application status. Examples include ‘receipt of application’ and ‘we regret’ emails.

6. Bulk correspondence – such as invitations to interviews and/or assessment centres is quick, reliable and secure. (According to CIPD, 20% companies do not have the time acknowledge receipt of job applications.)

7. Automatic pre-employment checks – this can include eligibility to work within the country where the job will be based, especially important for global posts with relocation potential.

8. Smooth transition – for new starters will increase the likelihood of retaining them as employees.

9. Reporting on demand – allows a sharp focus on key reports and information such as costs, plus real-time reporting of KPIs.

10. Self-service – providing managers with access to data held within the HR system (i.e. via a web portal or intranet) allows employee information to be easily updated and applications to be visible – without burdening HR.

With an increasing number of businesses involved with global recruitment, streamlining the hiring processes and providing access to key information online has great potential to reduce HR costs.

“As part of our support service, we can assist HR teams’ recruitment processes,” says Kevin Wieczorek, Sales & Marketing Director of BTR International. “We offer an understanding of the issues and requirements involved with each geographical location – and how this may affect recruitment requirements.”

If you would like to know how global locations affect your recruitment activities, contact Kevin via kevin@btrinternational.comor call +44 (0) 1582 495495.

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