There’s no doubt… the digital age is here. Increasingly, communication is online. This includes recruitment. Our digital world created change; this included the Human Resources function.
Communication is fast; social media has a huge influence:

• 71% online adults use Facebook
• LinkedIn generates 64% website referrals from social media
• Twitter increased its UK users from 10 million in 2012 to 15 million in 2013

The influence of social media during the recruitment process simply cannot be ignored. There is a wealth of information – and feedback – online for candidates and employees to see.

The foundations needed for digital communication and processes to work for recruitment are the same as for any other business function: relevant skills set, appropriate content and a clear management policy. HR Director reports that 36% ex-employees retain access to their employers systems and data post-employment. 10% actually use it. There’s a definite link between digital control and HR… it needs to become clearer.
Generation Y (born between 1980 and 2000) represents the future for many organisations. HR departments need to recognise that these people are digitally-minded. They are used to a fast-changing world and grew up with online communication.

90% do not expect to stay with an employer for more than five years. 40% are already planning their next move as they start a new role! (London Business School) This generation is used to being busy, to being heard. Generation Y wants to be appreciated. Business managers and HR teams need to recognise this in order to retain talent.

“Global assignments often create a fresh challenge and help employees feel valued” says Kevin Wieczorek of BTR International. “Our role is to make sure that each move is a stress free as possible, allowing people to become settled and productive in their new role as soon as possible.”

If you would like to review your relocation policy and see how it embraces today’s digital era, contact Kevin at BTR International or on +44 (0) 1582 495495.

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