Technology has opened up global market potential for many businesses. Increased transactions and communication take place online. So is there still the need for people to be based in global locations?
Decreasing the number of physical locations would certainly save costs, but what impact would it have upon productivity, creativity, team work?

In an age when 68% employees communicate with their colleagues via Facebook, how important is having a physical base to work from?

The British Council for Offices’ (BCO) report, ‘The challenges for the office sector over the next decade and beyond’ found that as humans, we need an office for discussions and debates… for social interaction.

HR Director highlights that several technology-based companies have driven the demand for office space in London. This is despite their commercial success in offering products that seemingly diminish the need for physical space. Last year’s London TMT Digest showed that LinkedIn, Google, Skype and Facebook collectively took up 22% of office space in central London.

Employees’ needs are more diverse than ever before, accentuated further when an overseas relocation is involved. At BTR International, we work hard to ensure that assignees’ integration into a new environment is as smooth as possible. The BCO report ‘What Workers Want’ shows that adequate lighting, space and temperature control are the most important features of the office for employees. At BTR, we understand that the reality of relocation involves so much more than the right physical working environment.

BTR’s Business Development Executive Suzanne Sells works closely with assignees and their families to ensure that their relocations are a stress free as possible. “We look at the bigger picture,” explains Suzanne. “We look at lifestyle and cultural integration, not just job role. The whole family is involved. This realistic, holistic approach is vital for any relocation to be a success.”

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