With two thirds of job seekers willing to consider an overseas role, HR’s role has become truly global. But how can organisations sustain success on a worldwide scale?

Research from Boston Consulting Group identifies five key areas which organisations must address to achieve sustainable success globally.

BTR International suggests how these elements will impact upon HR:

1. Geographical Positioning
Resources will affect where businesses are based and their geographical spread. Global operations involve recruitment and management on the largest scale possible. HR functions need to be aware of – and prepared for – cultural differences.

2. Quick Changes
Often overseas markets carry more risk and faster change than the domestic market that is well known. Cross cultural training will ensure that communication channels are fully effective.3. Decision Making
For international companies to operate efficiently, a degree of decision making must be spread around the globe. This requirement impacts upon every function including HR.

4. A Truly Global Culture
Successful companies embrace diversity within their workforces. This is particularly relevant as 65% high performing employees will relocate to a new country or continent for a better job (HBR research). Clearly, this impacts upon recruitment and development, with a clear relocation policy needed.5. Leadership
Leading a global team or function will involve extensive travelling and cultural understanding. This will facilitate a proper understanding of every part of the business, with the corporate message reflecting local differences.

“Operating a global business offers distinct benefits and challenges,” says Kevin Wieczorek, Sales & Marketing Director of BTR International. “It’s important to draw upon the knowledge and experience of partner organisations. We’ve been helping companies with their global relocations for over 25 years and use this expertise to help HR teams to manage global assignments and relocations.”
To find out how BTR International can help your organisation contact Kevin via kevin@btrinternational.com or call +44 (0) 1582 495 495.

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