As global mobility increases, it changes the challenges faced by HR teams…

Deloitte’s Strategic Moves survey found that there are three common strategic issues faced by global businesses:

• Emerging geographical markets
• Globalisation
• Increased competition

The survey found that most business leaders expect global mobility to address these issues. What is the link between the business and global mobility? It’s the HR department.

Research by International HR Adviser showed that just 2% multinational companies felt that their global mobility function as world class. 70% thought that global mobility was underperforming or needed significant investment.

To improve efficiency – and success – three top global mobility challenges were identified (with percentage of participants shown):

• Partnering within the business to effectively use global mobility (66%)

• Regulatory compliance and controls – such as tax, immigration, payroll (62%)

• Integration with global talent management practices (61%)

The best global talent resourcing fills talent and skills gaps whilst ensuring that global mobility is aligned to the business needs.

The key to success is building a global mobility network to support global talent resourcing. “Working with partners who have global mobility experience makes the process smooth and efficient,” explains Kevin Wieczorek, Sales & Marketing Director of BTR International. “Our international expertise supports international relocations before, during and after the actual move. We help assignees and HR managers alike”

To find out how BTR International can address your organisation’s global mobility challenges, contact Kevin or call +44 (0) 1582 495 495.

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