23% employees are actively looking for a new role. They envisage staying with a company for a maximum of five years. Combine these statistics with increased talent mobility… global recruitment certainly has it challenges.
Thanks to technology, skills are more important than location. However most roles – and people – require a degree of social interaction with colleagues.

Companies will invest much time and skill in finding the right candidates for any role, then progressing through to selection and appointment. It’s important to everyone – and to the organisation – that the successful person can settle into their new role and become productive as quickly as possible.

Appointments requiring global relocation introduce additional challenges, unique to the people, location and culture involved. However – only 53% global companies have a cultural integration process.

“Planning a process for supporting people into new roles is crucial – especially when a physical move abroad is involved” says Kevin Wieczorek of BTR International. “We always start the process with consultation and will offer advice based upon our experience and expertise – of managing global relocations as well as working and/or living abroad ourselves.”

With increasingly expectant and mobile employees, organisations deploying a cultural integration process stand the best chance of retaining people within key global roles.
If you would like to find out more about creating or refining an integration process within your recruitment policy, please contact Kevin via kevin@btrinternational.com or call him on +44 (0) 1582 495 495.

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