The last year has been full of uncertainty and change. In the case of global talent mobility, it’s been truly frustrating. However – summer is approaching fast and most countries are rolling out impressive vaccination programmes. Days are longer, the weather is warmer and global travel is slowly starting to open up. Now is the perfect time to get ready to resume international relocations.

There are some key steps that we recommend, helping your organisation and your assignees to gain even more benefit from your workforce mobility programme. Here are our top three suggestions…

1. Reflect on Performance

As world travel starts to resume, it’s time to reflect on your current relocation service provision. Do you feel that you enjoy great value from your workforce mobility provider? What is your experience as a global mobility client? Do you receive the service standard and level of communication you would like?

Here are the features you should expect from your global talent mobility partner:

  • Proven expertise – the FIDIFAIM plus accreditation requires qualified evidence that a global talent relocation organisation is excellent at managing and implementing international assignments.
  • Independent network – this ensures that your relocations are delivered by teams that are best placed to meet your requirements. It also means that you’ll receive impartial advice.
  • Customer service – you should always feel confident that you are receiving consistently excellent customer service.
  • Comprehensive liability – it’s rare that accidents happen and reassuring to know that, should it be needed, your relocation partner offers adequate liability cover.
  • Rapport – how is your working relationship with your global mobility provider? Are they easy to contact and quick to act?


2. Review Provision

Thinking about your workforce mobility programme, ask yourself:

What do you value most about your global talent mobility programme? Is there anything you like to see managed differently, or better?

Are you likely to include new host locations in assignees’ travel plans for 2021 and beyond?

Does your workforce mobility programme offer diversity and inclusivity?

If there are any aspects of your current programme that are not running as efficiently as you’d like, or gaps in your existing provision, fine-tune them now. It’ll be harder to find the time for this once global travel and therefore workforce mobility increases.

3. New Beginnings

Having reviewed and refined your international assignment provision, look forward to the opportunities that global talent mobility offers your organisation and its assignees. Start as you mean to go on with a relocation partner that understands your requirements and offers the standard of service that you require.

Do you manage international assignments for your organisation?

Would you value a discussion about your global workforce mobility programme, without obligation?

BTR International will try to beat any competitive quote whilst maintaining our excellent standard of service and attention to detail. Find out more by emailing us or calling Sarah on +44 (0)7495 021 103. We’re here to help.

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