As organisations become increasingly global, they have a growing resource of internal talent with multicultural experience.

Identifying and carefully positioning employees with multicultural experience can have a huge impact upon global operations.

Blending cultural understanding with corporate skills offers a powerful combination. It quickens the introduction of innovation and change, saving the company time and resources.

Ultimately, the multicultural manager is likely to integrate into global assignments more quickly, increasing effective global mobility.

Research shows that here are five key roles in which multicultural managers can make a positive difference, outperforming those without global experience (Harvard Business School, Insead Knowledge). These roles are:

Being creative. The development of global brands or operations will be understand the cultural differences involved.
Interpreting and sharing complex knowledge whilst being sensitive to local market differences
Anticipating and managing potential conflicts
Introducing and integrating new team members from different cultures
On-going team management and development when several cultures are involved

The trend of looking internally for multicultural managers has been noticed by BTR International. ”We’ve seen that the number internal assignees involved with international relocations is growing. When we are helping employees – and usually their families – relocate to a new country, we liaise with them very closely. We therefore understand how long people have worked with the organisation,” explains Kevin Wieczorek, BTR International’s Sales and Marketing Director.

“To us, no two moves are the same. The service we offer is completely unaffected by whether someone was promoted internally or recruited externally to their role. It is, however, an interesting development, saving recruitment costs for many organisations.”

Global talent mobility is increasingly important; multicultural managers are an asset to teams, creativity and productivity on a global stage.

If you are increasing your global mobility and need help with relocating assignees, contact us. We’re here to help.

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