Many assignees look for global opportunities as part of their quest for a better work-life balance. The reality of this balance will vary for each individual – perhaps work-life harmony is a better expression?

Organisations often claim to value their employees and offer flexibility and opportunity to achieve work-life harmony. This can include the chance of global assignments and relocation – many employees value and seize these opportunities. (Some people may not want to move to a different country or culture – it’s important to spot the reluctant relocations).

A new survey by Comparably, a compensation, culture and career-monitoring site, determines the best companies for work-life balance. The findings show that:

• 51% of people in design jobs and 49% of people in IT jobs say they feel burned out. These two industries represent the highest rates of burnout from those participating in the survey.
• Only 34% of employees from the top 25 winning companies felt burnt out in comparison with 53% of employees from all other companies.
• 29% of people say their bosses expect them to work even on their vacation.
• People ages 18 to 25 report the highest rates of working on their vacation to keep up with their bosses’ expectations (37%).
• People in business development are called upon most during vacation time (44%).
• 33% say work-life balance is their number one concern over compensation, advancement and job stability.

From the top 25 companies, 20% of employees are not satisfied with their work-life balance. 57% of workers say they’d stay at a job with a low salary if they had lots of paid time off. As we’ve previously highlighted, it’s so important to take a break.

Job site Indeed has ranked the top employers in the UK based on employer reviews:

1. Transport for London
2. University of Leeds
3. Apple
4. Unilever
5. Kumon
6. University of Greenwich
7. John Lewis
8. Jobcentre Plus
9. GlaxoSmithKline
10. American Express
11. Thomson Reuters
12. University of Southampton
13. Lloyds Banking Group
14. BAE Systems
15. Rolls-Royce

Suzanne Sells, Global Move Specialist at BTR International says: “Well-being is incredibly important and the workplace has a huge impact on every employee, affecting their work-life balance and ultimately their well-being. It’s no surprise that many people welcome the opportunity to work in a new country and culture if they think that this will help improve their work-life balance.

“The right support is essential so that assignees and their families adapt to their new lifestyle quickly, enjoying their work and their leisure time whilst learning about a new culture.”

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