Traditionally, international assignees have been thought of according to their job role, experience and skills. Support for international relocations has typically focussed upon cultural awareness with time and incentives to help settle into a new country and role as quickly as possible.

It is true that the support provided – for assignees and their families – is crucial to the success of international relocations. However the profile of today’s international assignee has changed. Global mobility support packages need to adapt to stay as effective as possible, offering ongoing success to individuals and organisations.

As the nature of assignments has changed, so has the profile of international assignees relocating abroad. Global Mobility explains: “Commuter assignments, development assignments, and short-term secondments are much more common than even three or four years ago.

“This change corresponds with a change in the profile of the Modern International Assignee and what the Modern Assignee expects to both give and receive from their assignment.  We cannot ignore that a large proportion of Modern Assignees are either Millennials or influenced by Millennials.”

The Generalisation Theory by Strauss and Howe plus other studies propose several characteristics of the Millennial generation:

  • Tolerant
  • Community-minded – both local and global
  • Achieving and confident
  • Values authenticity
  • Sense of entitlement
  • Narcissistic


What This Means For International Relocations

“Assignees are traveling to learn,” explains Global Mobility. “But they are also traveling to network with peers. Modern Assignees recognize that their colleagues in international offices are valuable not as a fixed resource for the business, but at a personal level. They understand that an international network can lead to new professional experiences. They are the most educated, best informed, and most widely experienced generation there has ever been.”

For Millennials, this opportunity is about authentic experiences. Supporting today’s younger, more transient, more demanding international assignee requires an agile relocation package. It must reflect the growing number of short-term assignments and the digitalisation of mobility.

“We’ve noticed an increasing number of younger assignees involved with short term assignments,” says Louise Chilcott, Global Move Specialist at BTR International. “That’s why we’ve created our Millennial Lite Solutions. Our tailored relocation support offers realistic support and best value to assignees and organisation.”

To find out more about Millennial Lite Solutions and how they could work for your assignees, contact Louise for an initial discussion without obligation. Call her on +44 (0) 1582 495495 or email

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