The Human Resources landscape is changing. It’s faster and more mobile than ever before. It’s truly global. Once a trend, this is now a simple fact.
How does global mobility influence the role of HR?
Essentially the key roles of HR remain the same: recruitment, administration and development of employees. Increasingly, these activities are conducted on a global stage. This changes the demands placed upon HR teams, especially in international organisations.

1. Planning

As talent is more mobile, recruitment and subsequent placement is sourced internationally. It therefore needs greater detail and more thorough planning. This is especially true as cultural differences influence plans.
Global operations mean that decision-making can be wider spread. More detailed planning and coordination is required to keep HR processes running smoothly.
2. Integration
Being aware of – and adapting to – cultural differences will ensure that assignees settle into their new roles and countries as quickly as possible. HR teams now need to arrange for cultural awarenesssupport on a regular basis. This affects the families of assignees too, of course. Are HR teams prepared for this level of support?

3. Coordination
Widespread teams, cultural sensitivities and digital communication all impact upon the role of HR. Good coordination is therefore vital and will only increase in importance as global mobility expands. Negotiation and communication will increase as coordination increases.

“Global mobility has certainly changes what is required of an HR team“, says Kevin Wieczorek of BTR International. “Some HR teams getting involved with global recruitment and relocations by default rather than by design.”

“Our team is here to support as needed, from advising about a relocation policy to liaising with assignees about their relocation”, adds Kevin. “Our support is as flexible as needed; no two moves or businesses are the same.”

If you would like to explore how your business embraces global mobility, contact Kevin at BTR International or on +44 (0) 1582 495495.

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