Managing global relocations doesn’t have to be complicated.

A stress-free move helps people to embrace new opportunities quickly. The right relocation and move partner will look after the emotional wellbeing of those involved (including families and partners) as well as the physical move required.

Choosing the right partner directly impacts upon the early success of the relocation… and the internal reputation of employers. It’s important to work with the right organisation – so what should you look for?

Three important questions for global move partners:

1. What relevant experience do you have?
A proven track record which is similar to the size and location(s) involved with your global relocations is a must. Experience means local knowledge and partners, awareness of travel timescales and requirements plus proven ability to transfer household effects and support assignees in the destinations involved.Tip: Ask for client feedback as well as verbal confirmation of relevant experience – survey results should be available.

2. What international moving accreditations do you have?
The most relevant and prestigious accreditation within the international moving industry is FIDI. It is the largest global alliance of professional moving and relocation companies.The FAIMplus standard is recognised as the most prestigious within the international moving industry and requires ongoing compliance with a rigorous and testing external audit process.

FIDI states: Every FIDI Affiliate complies with the rigorous FIDI-FAIM quality standard, generally accepted as the supreme professional industry standard worldwide. This ensures final customers that only the top quality movers are part of the network. To us, clients’ satisfaction is the most important, and we can only reach this if they can trust our members.

There are many other relevant associations. BTR International is also a member of BAR Overseas, IAM, FEDEMAC and LACMA.

Tip: Ultimately, FIDI’s FAIMplus standard is the highest standard that your international move partner can achieve – why settle for anything less? 

3. What liability cover do you have?
In the unlikely event that something should go wrong, you need to know that your international moving partner has the right liability cover in place.

Liability cover should cover transit and storage as required, including replacement of lost/damaged items.

Depending upon the locations involved with the move, specialist insurance may be required – such as marine insurance (covering belongings whilst in transit over/across water by vehicle, ship or aircraft.

Tip: Ask for liability cover details – and claim history.

Global relocation support

The above information will be crucial to your choice of move partner. Once this is in place there is one more question… what level of support will your organisation – as well as your assignee – receive?

“Supporting HR teams as well as assignees is a crucial part of the relocation process”, explains Kevin Wieczorek, Sales & Marketing Director of BTR International. “You need to be able to rely upon a single point of contact for a quick, knowledgeable response, 24/7.”

To find out more about the support and services available from BTR International, contact Kevin via or call +44 (0) 1582 495495.

For more information about choosing a global move partner, see tips from FIDI here.

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