When an assignee moves to a new role in a different country, language can be the biggest obstacle; affecting lifestyle and productivity alike. Ultimately, it can be the key to a successful relocation for both the people and the business involved.
Most people moving to – rather than visiting – a different country will endeavour to learn the language. It’s much more than interpretation. It’s the biggest step towards a sense of belonging rather than feeling ‘foreign’.
Employers providing language tuition as part of a relocation package for assignees will also feel the benefits. Kevin Wieczorek from BTR International explains: “Assignees are usually keen to get to grips with their new role and obviously want to settle into their new home quickly. In our experience, language tuition can speed up this process considerably.”

Of course, language is just one element of lifestyle support which helps assignees integrate into a new culture. Orientation support will offer local knowledge about schools, transport and housing for example, including a tour of the area.

“Assignees don’t always know what to expect about the area and lifestyle involved with their new location. This can create a degree of anxiety about a move” says Kevin. “Orientation support is reassuring to assignees and their families. We find that the most helpful and productive relocation support packages offer:
Language tuition
Cross cultural training
Orientation support

This combination allows assignees and their families to settle more quickly, plus the assignee become productive in his/her new role faster. Clearly there are business and personal benefits involved.”

If you are involved in global assignments and/or talent relocation and would like to know more, please contact Kevin viakevin@btrinternational.com or call him on +44 (0) 1582 495495. Ensure that your company’s relocations are as stress free as possible.

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