Customer feedback is extremely important to the team at BTR International. Referrals and recommendations are the lifeblood of our business and first impressions count.

Earlier this year, we commissioned an independent agency to speak with our clients. What matters the most when it comes to planning and implementing international relocations? How do organisations choose their relocation partners?

Importantly, all the feedback we received was anonymous. We offered our agency a list of clients – all of whom had been contacted to explain our research initiative and ask for their participation. Speaking to someone outside of BTR International and knowing that their feedback was strictly anonymous meant that clients could be totally open and honest.

A summary of the key results is below:

3 most important features of global mobility support:
1. Service standards – BTR International has a 98% customer satisfaction score
2. Recommended – most of our work comes from referrals and recommendations
3. Value for money – not price alone, but what is provided for the cost involvedUnderstandable, people want to have confidence in their global mobility support provider– and prefer to work with a company which has been recommended.

Quote: “Customer service – your girls are excellent.”

3 big benefits of working with BTR International:
1. Speed of response
2. Keeping in touch
3. Organisational skills

A consistent theme through the research calls was how much clients are impressed with the responsiveness of the BTR team. Actions are carried out promptly and feedback offered.
They appreciate regular communication and feel that BTR is helpful and well organised. This helps clients to feel reassured that their global mobility is being handled expertly and efficiently.Quotes:
“Your speed of response is great.”
“Your extraordinary support and quick answers.”
“There’s no doubt that you are one of our leading suppliers.”
“You are well co-ordinated with good follow up contact.”
“You always go the extra mile.”
“You take the stress from us alleviated problems such as bank accounts, National Insurance numbers – it’s great to have one point of contact for all this.”
“Everything is very easy.”

It was important to gain a neutral view of how BTR International is performing. We nervously awaited the results… and were delighted with our clients’ views about the service we offer. Our next goal? To maintain this valued level of service and attention to detail for every single global move.

Are you involved with international relocations for your company? 

Discover how BTR International may be able to help you make your relocations as stress-free as possible.

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