Moving overseas for an international assignment is a big step; an exciting opportunity.

Many blogs – including our own – will tell you that a successful move depends upon lots of research. The more you know about the country and area you’ll be living and working in, the quicker you’ll feel at home in your new environment.

But – this necessary research can be fun!

Preparing for your move abroad can be enjoyable as well as helpful, suggests Expat Child. Here are six fun ways to look into what life in your new culture will bring:

1. Cook
Before you move, buy a recipe book that focuses on the country that you’re moving to. It’s far easier to find one in your own language before you arrive at your destination. This is a great chance to explore the taste and smells of your new culture. You’ll also get to know the key ingredients and will know what to ask for when you are shopping in your destination.

2. Read

Books set in your new country are an amazing source of local knowledge. If you’re a history fan, you can enjoy learning the heritage of your location through fiction. Books can also highlight the sightseeing opportunities for you.
3. Film Nights
Similar to reading, watching films or television programmes set in your destination help to bring it to life, this time with great visual impact. This research any also help with the learning the language.4. It’s Good to Talk
Speaking with people who already live in your new country – or who have visited – will help enormously. They’ll offer a wealth of tips and advice. You could join an online form, which will also help to combat the isolation you may feel when you first arrive. One example is the Expat Chat Forum.

5. Laugh
Seek out the more light-hearted guides to see the fun side of where you’ll be living.6. Involve the Family
The kids will love to be involved with finding out interesting details about a new country… national dish, indigenous animals, most popular sport, national dish etc. Tap into their energy!

“Preparation is key for a successful international relocation’” explains Kevin Wieczorek, Sales & Marketing Director of BTR International. “Companies’ relocation policies often involve support with moving and lifestyle.

“Getting involved with doing your own research is fun – and importantly, it helps you to get to know your new country. Undoubtedly, this reduces the time needed to settle in your new home.”

To find out more about how BTR International can help your international assignees, contact Kevin or call +44 (0)1582 495495.

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