In a perfect world, the ideal location for operational expansion would be the same as the dream location for employees taking on assignments abroad. The reality? They vary…sometimes greatly.
The key to a successful relocation – irrespective of planning, preparation and support – is reconciling these differences.

In recent years, companies have favoured the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) economies for business opportunities. The ideal locations for assignees? Australia, Spain or United States.
As reported by Aviva, 58% companies surveyed are considering sending employees abroad.

Luckily, just under half the employees surveyed had already considered a move overseas. So, with everyone seemingly wanting the same result, how do we get over the differences in location aspiration?

“In many cases, it is the ‘fear of the unknown’ which puts people off of the emerging markets as a place to work and live” says Suzanne Sells from BTR International. ”Carefully planned, bespoke support helps enormously.”

Whilst we naturally think of the assignee’s support package within relocation scenarios, those managing the relocation within the organisation also need assistance. Aviva’s survey reports that 68% employers find the relocation process challenging with 47% experiencing failed international assignments.

“With years of global relocation experience on our side, we really can help to make international moves as stress free as possible” adds Suzanne. “From supporting employers with designing and implementing a relocation policy to assisting assignees and their families in their move abroad, we really do make a difference.”

If you are managing your assignees’ moves abroad, call BTR for a free informal discussion. Email Suzanne at suzanne@btrinternational.comor call her on +(0)1582 495495.

Together, we’ll go further.

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