At BTR International, we help people to relocate all over the world. Literally. With a choice of global locations, which ones do expats say are the best places to relocate to?

Expat Explorer has been gathering expats’ opinions and experiences for 12 years. It offers an utterly honest look at countries based upon the views of the people who relocate to those places. Here, we take a look at the top five countries to relocate to, according to expats. Where is their favourite destination to live and work? Switzerland.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is a long-standing favourite, topping Expat Explorer’s poll since 2011. 82% of expats in this country have seen an improvement in their quality of life. Switzerland also excels when it comes to financial factors. Expat Explorer reports: “Financial factors are where Switzerland continues to excel. Higher levels of disposable income are reported by 71% of expats, contributing to an average expat salary of $111,587, well above the global mean of $75,966.

“Expats also note the country’s remarkable levels of political and economic stability. In a year where almost half of expats globally (49%) are concerned about their country’s economic situation, only 20% in Switzerland have any such reservations, and 86% are relaxed about the country’s political status.”

2. Singapore

Singapore is recognised as the best location for expats with children. The report finds that: “Over two-thirds (69%) of expats laud their children’s ability to learn languages there, while 62% say the country’s education system is better than in their home country.”

3. Canada

Canada offers an appealing combination of increased quality of life and a lower than average cost of living. In fact, “40% of those with more disposable income in their new country have reduced expenses, compared to a 26% global average” states the findings.

4. Spain

Showing the ‘most improved’ position within the research outcomes, Spain has leapt from position 14 to fourth place in 2019. Expat Explorer explains: ”The majority (58%) of expats see an improvement in their mental wellbeing there, compared to just a third (35%) globally.”

5. New Zealand

The work-life balance offering by New Zealand is of great appeal to expats. 69& of participants noted an improvement there compared to their home country.

“Moving to a new country is exciting and a little daunting,” says Louise Chilcott of BTR International. “To help ease the transition we offer a range of destination services to help assignees and their families adjust to their new location as quickly and easily as possible.”

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