Are you working with assignees who are relocating abroad? Maybe it’s you? There are so many things to think about… and to organise. At BTR International we believe in keeping life simple and keeping moves as stress free as possible.

It’s far more involved than simply a house move and a new job, (although that is not necessarily a simple combination!).

These three key steps should help relocation abroad to go smoothly:

1. Planning
Make a list of everything that needs to be done, from start to finish. Whilst the list looks long, it feels better to have captured everything on ‘paper’. Need a hand? At BTR, we have a checklist of the actions that are usually needed whilst moving.

2. Preparation
Do your homework about the country and location you’re moving to. Look online and ask friends and contacts who have lived/visited there. Have an orientation discussion with someone who knows about the country… and about the details involved with relocating.
3. Patience
The secret to a successful relocation? Manage your expectations. Kevin Wieczorek of BTR International explains: “It’s easy for assignees to put unnecessary pressure on themselves by rushing to settle to a new ‘life’ quickly. It takes time to build connections and become part of a new culture.” In some cases, cross-cultural training and language tuition will help the transition enormously. Help is at hand.

At BTR, we work closely with assignees and their families to minimise the stress involved.

For example, we have recently helped a VIP assignee to relocate across continents. His family have never visited their new country before. They are leaving behind their support network to arrive somewhere with a completely different education system, housing market, currency… and no friends or family. Partner/Family assistance after the physical move itself can make or break an assignment.

BTR is here to help.

To discuss our relocation services contact Kevin Wieczorek or call him on +44 (0) 1582 495 495.

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