A report published by the Independent has highlighted the most welcoming – and most unfriendly – places in the world.

Those involved with global assignments will recognise that making friends in a new location is a fundamental part of settling and enjoying a new location and culture.

67 countries across the world were ranked by InterNations in its ‘Expat Insider 2016’ survey. More than 14,000 participants gave their thoughts about ‘ease of settling in’. Whilst crucial for assignees, the results are also important for global organisations; productivity and effectiveness are clearly linked to how quickly assignees feel ‘at home’ in their new locations.

The UK may not be as friendly as you think…

• ranking 42nd out of 67 places for ‘ease of settling in’
• appearing 43rd out of 67 countries for ‘finding friends’
• achieving 33rd position overall, out of 191 countries

The friendliest countries in the world to expats are:

• Taiwan
• Uganda
• Cost Rica
• Mexico
• Colombia

The least friendly locations for expats are:

• Kuwait
• Saudi Arabia
• Czech Republic
• Switzerland
• Norway

“Embarking on an international assignment is exciting and usually slightly daunting too,” says Suzanne Sells, Business Development Executive at BTR International. “Part of the support we provide ensures that assignees’ lifestyle and living needs are catered for, as well as the physical move involved.”

She adds: “Our role is to ensure that every relocation is completely smoothly and without stress.” To find out more contact Suzanne viasuzanne@btrinternational.com or call +44 (0)1582 495495.

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