With today’s technology and transport, the world feels smaller. Most locations are a viable option when it comes to choosing a base for work and home.
Productivity and mobility are the predicted trends for 2014 (see our last blog: 2014: The Year of Talent Mobility). Most cities are realistically an option for companies sourcing or relocating employees. But which ones offer the best quality of living? Understanding this, as well as operational requirements, will heavily influence the success of any relocation.

Mercer researched 221 cities around the world in 2012 to see which offered the quality of living that most – arguably all – assignees would seek.

The results are extremely interesting. Globally, the top five cities offering the best quality of living are:
1. Vienna, Austria)
2. Zurich, Switzerland
3. Auckland, New Zealand
4. Munich, Germany
5. Vancouver, Canada

With productivity in mind, Mercer also ranked cities based on a basket of infrastructure services. These were: electricity supply, water availability, telephone and mail services, public transportation, airports and traffic congestion… all important factors to assignees and their families.

The top five cities are:
1. Singapore, Singapore
2. Frankfurt, Germany
3. Munich, Germany
4. Copenhagen, Denmark
5. Düsseldorf, Germany

So – congratulations to Munich for overall consistency!

If you are involved with relocation – managing or as an assignee – talk to us at BTR International via our email contact form (above right) or on +44 (0)1582 495 495. Whether you are tempted by Munich or somewhere else, we can help. We have expertise and contacts involving relocations across the world.

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