With various travel restrictions in place during the pandemic, some people have found themselves separated from their families, partners or possessions.

Are you homeworking in a different country to your permanent home?

Did you have to relocate without your household goods and belongings due to lockdown?

Have you secured a fantastic relocation opportunity and need to be reunited with your possessions?

In recent months, many international assignees have found themselves in these situations. It’s important to know that help is available.

The team at BTR International is busy bringing people with their possessions together. We’re also ensuring that successful candidates reach their new jobs in various locations.

Travel permissions are changing fast as different countries are in various stages of lockdown. Rely on our global move specialists to understand and navigate travel requirements to help your household goods reach your location whilst adhering to current safety guidelines.

“We’re happy to have helped several people to be reunited with their possessions and start exciting new jobs,” says Sarah Huntridge, Global Move Specialist with BTR International.

“One customer had relocated to a new country to work in their employer’s head office. They had to start homeworking almost immediately and had no friends or family in their new location. Thanks to technology, they could homework from anywhere. We were able to reunite them with their belongings and their partner in a different country, offering the same productivity for the employer and a much happier lockdown for the assignee.

“Another client achieved their dream role in a new location – but couldn’t find a way to get there without spending a huge amount of money. We were delighted to offer a cost-effective and timely solution so they could start their new job abroad.”

Sarah adds: “We recognise that value for money is especially important at the moment. With this in mind, we try to match competitors’ quotes whilst retaining our usual high standard of customer service. You’ll be impressed by what we can achieve!”

Are you trying to reach a new location or want to be reunited with your possessions?

Our priority is to help wherever we can, whilst keeping everyone safe. If you think that we may be able to assist you in any way, please let us know, by emailing us or calling Sarah on +44 (0)7495 021 103 or Louise on +44 (0)7508 318 093 without obligation.

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