Recruiting the right talent for your organisation is one challenge. Retaining employees is another – especially as talent mobility increases.

Recent research by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) shows that nearly a third of employees are looking for a new job this year. They said that better management would tempt them to take a new role.

35% employees would like the chance to work abroad, giving global organisations a distinct advantage in the race for retention.

So how can HR teams optimise retention? To achieve this, the top reasons why employees leave must be understood. A 2014 survey of 8,000 employees by BambooHR shows that these are:

1. Advancement opportunities
2. Work/life balance
3. Salary and benefits packageIn reality, what ‘tips the balance’ and starts employee dissatisfaction? BambooHR cites these as:

1. My boss doesn’t trust me
2. Work expectations outside of working hours
3. Difficult colleagues
4. Being blamed for my boss’ mistakes
5. Lack of flexibility
Whilst a small degree of employee turnover can be beneficial to the company, it is something to be proactively controlled to ensure business success. International assignments can offer the flexibility and empowerment that many employees seek, as well as meeting operational requirements.

“Supporting employees as they start assignments abroad is a crucial factor to the success of the assignment for the employee and the organisation” says Kevin Wieczorek, Sales & Marketing Director of BTR International. “Helping individuals and their families with their move abroad – from orientation to learning a new language – means that employees settle in their new role and new home more quickly”

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