A key part of relocation success is keeping in touch. This is true of working relationships but especially vital for personal connections. Arriving in a strange country is a n exciting yet daunting prospect of most assignees. Organisations usually provide support packages to help employees settle into a new culture and role. However family and friends are an essential ingredient to people’s lives which corporate packages simply can’t replace.

It’s crucial that international assignees can keep up with news at home – as their old location will still seem like home during those first fraught weeks of relocation.

5 Apps To Help Life After Relocation

1. WhatsApp

This is the one app that expats say that they can’t live without, says a survey from Western Union. WhatsApp offers simple, fast and secure messaging and calling world-wide. Best of all, it’s usually free, (data charges may apply).

2. WiFi Finding Apps

Locating the nearest free WiFi source can save precious data as assignees work on the go or make the most of internet-based social tools such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Apps such as WiFi Finder and WiFi Map can find hotspots for internet access across the world.

3. MeetUp

“Finding ways to settle into a new community can be a common anxiety for new expats, with uncomfortable flashbacks to that ‘first day at a new school’ feeling,” says Huffington Post. “The MeetUp app is a great way to assuage your fears. Available in thousands of cities, it connects you to people in your new environment who share similar interests and passions, so whatever you might be into – hiking, books, photography, golf, salsa, dog-walking – you can see if there’s a group dedicated to it. You can also set up your own profile, so like-minded people can find you, and it’s useful for business contacts, too.”

4. Maps

It’s inevitable that new arrivals to a strange city will get lost. Google Maps is a standard app on most phones. However, Google Maps requires internet access. To gain valuable directions without a mobile signal, CityMaps2Go is an essential tool.

5. Business Culture & Etiquette

A myriad of custom and language apps exist to prevent assignees from offending or upsetting contacts. These are helpful, but you can’t beat tailored support for this. From a new language to cultural nuances, tailored relocation support will ensure that employees communicate competently and appropriately in their new location. “Apps are a great backup,” says Louise Chilcott, Global Move Specialist with BTR International. “However cross-cultural training services are crucial for relocation success. We ensure that questions are answered and precise points are covered for personal and business communication in each destination.”

Are you organising relocations and need to ensure that your assignees have the best communication tools at their disposable? Enjoy a discussion without obligation and see how BTR International can help your business. Contact Louise via louise@btrinternational.com or call +44 (0) 1582 495495.

Good connections promote relocation success.

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