With fast moving economies and global business opportunities, companies to work fast and smart to stay ahead. One strategy which will help any business to stay efficient is to manage – and nurture – the talent it has grown and acquired.
A recent HR Director blog discussed how the days of ‘sustainable competitive advantage’ have disappeared. If this is to be believed, employees and the talent they can deploy on behalf of their employer are essential in helping any business to stand out from the crowd.
Despite the vital role that talent plays within organisational success, 59% of business and HR leaders believe that senior managers don’t spend enough high quality time on talent management.
McKinsey’s report explains that whilst concentrating on organisational and financial issues associated with change management, senior executives overlook ‘softer’ leadership skills. These skills include the motivation and support of teams. In a global context, teams often cross countries – even continents. Today, talent management needs to embrace talent mobility, which requires efficient and personalised support.
AT BTR International, we understand that no two relocations are the same. “A ‘one size fits all’ approach to relocation may have some short-term cost saving benefits” says Suzanne Sells who manages many of the bespoke requirements of assignee’s relocations. “Unfortunately, in the long-term, a generic model becomes frustrating and costly as assignees take a long time to become productive within their new roles and lifestyles.”

To find out how we can deliver bespoke support and a stress-free relocation services for your organisation, call us on +44 (0)1582 495 495 or email kevin@btrinternational.com .

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