All too often, stressful journeys create a bad start to the holidays. Here are ten simple steps to help enjoy a smooth journey and arrive with your festive spirit in tact!

The festive season involves many traditions. For many people this includes travelling to see family and friends… or even an exotic holiday. Whatever your travel plans are this Christmas, bear in mind these helpful travel tips:

1. Avoid the peak travel dates – you’ll save money as well as avoid the crowds.

2. Check your baggage allowance along with your shopping list – taking your Christmas shopping on your flight can create extra fees if you exceed your weight allowance. In fact, the allowance often changes over the Christmas period. If you’re travelling to see relatives or friends, how about ordering online with your destination as the delivery address? (Remember to allow time to wrap presents when you get there!)

3. Avoid excesses before your flight. There is little tolerance of inebriated behaviour – at airports and on flights. Make sure that you are allowed on the aircraft!

4. Allow extra time for parking – this is a busy time… there will be even more fellow travellers around than usual. Even better – can a friend or a taxi give you a lift to the airport?

5. Allow some extra time for booking in.

6. Allow even more extra time – so that when something doesn’t go to plan, you deal with it in your stride. Delays happen!

7. Do not wrap presents before your flight – security personnel will need access to all items.

8. If you’re driving, remember to check the car before travelling – we know it but we don’t always do it!

9. Stay connected – there are lots of travel apps that will keep you fully informed about everything from real-time updates on delays to the time you’ll spend in airport security, cheapest petrol prices to the cleanest toilets along your route.

10. Relax! This is the start of your holiday… get ready to enjoy Christmas!

Wishing you a happy festive season from everyone at BTR International.

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