Spread across a variety of sectors and locations, 163 participants engaged with this year’s Global Mobility Trends report from Brookfield. They have one feature in common: they all operate a global assignment programme.

Again, the United States and China dominate the list of top and emerging destinations for international assignments. It’s interesting to note that Singapore is also in the top five countries for both lists. Mexico is the fifth most popular emerging destination, with the top five places being:• China
• United States
• Singapore
• United Arab Emirates
• Mexico

Talent Gap
The results show that the majority of companies communicate that accepting an international assignment would be good for an employee’s career. But – just 23% have a policy in place that sets out this progression:• 61% participants communicate the importance of assignments to employees’ careers
• 41% of those organisations surveyed actively use mobility policies to recruit external candidates
• 23% have a specific process that incorporates career planning from assignment acceptance

Role of the Global Mobility Function
Participants showed that the role of global mobility varies greatly, from being proactively involved with the wider talent agenda to passive advice provision and operationally-focused:• 10% are aligned with wider talent agenda (such as workforce planning and people effectiveness)
• 44% are advice-based, supporting stakeholders throughout the company
• 46% are employee-based, providing optimum support to international assignees

It appears that there is a huge opportunity for the global mobility function to have more direct impact upon the shape and success of companies’ talent goals.

As regulatory requirements become increasingly stringent across many countries, compliance and risk management is stated as the biggest challenge within assignment management. Participants gave their top challenges as:

1. Compliance/risk management
2. Containing mobility costs
3. Assignee and family adjustments
4. Mobility programme administration“These results are not surprising,“ says Kevin Wieczorek, Sales and Marketing Director of BTR International. “The destinations within the results are similar to the requirements of our clients.

“The two challenges that an experienced relocation partner can help with are containing costs and supporting assignees and their families. It’s s shame that they are seen as big challenges as much can be done to avoid these issues.

“Careful costing an tailored support should be an integral part of all companies’ relocation policies as they have a huge impact upon the success of the assignment – for the organisation and the individuals involved.”

If you manage or coordinate international relocations for your company, contact Kevin for an informal discussion.

A quick discussion can be insightful and offer ideas for positive change. Email Kevin via kevin@btrinternational.com or call him on +44 (0)1582 495 495.

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