Technology has already transformed how we work, presenting truly global opportunities. What does the future hold?

According to pwc: “The way people are working is changing – technology, data analytics, social media and ways of communicating are evolving. Different and diverse generations mean that traditional career models could become extinct.”

The pwc report ‘A Journey to 2022’ surveyed 10,00 people across five major countries: UK, US, China, India and Germany. Overall, people were optimistic:

• 66% see the future of work as a world of possibility – and believe that they will be successful
• 53% think that technological breakthroughs will transform how people work during the next 5 – 10 years

This positive feedback creates three key areas for HR professionals to consider. These are even more relevant for global operations:

1. Change
A common theme is that people acknowledge and embrace change. In fact 64% believe that this will enhance their job prospects. HR teams also need to change. 31% HR professionals are gearing their talent strategies to push back the borders of innovation and possibility.

It is interesting to note that job security in increasingly important, (44% believe this is the most important feature for a job). How will HR teams reflect this within global recruitment strategies? Incentives will involve monitoring and data sharing; careful codes of conduct regarding data acquisition, usage and sharing will be needed.

2. Corporate Conscience
Linking the organisation’s social and environmental values to both the brand and the beliefs of the workforce is a challenge that 36% HR professionals are working on.

Why? 65% of the global pool of talent wants to work for a company with a powerful social conscience.

The future also holds an increasing importance upon designing jobs around aspirations and lifestyles. This prediction is already coming true: Virgin recently announced that it is offering staff unlimited holiday, (HR Zone, 8/10/2015).

3. New Working Models
Increasing urbanization will lead to an ‘anytime working’ ethos – facilitated by technology.Flexibility will be key to more global operations. A greater emphasis on contract workers is predicted. In fact, 31% HR professionals are building their talent strategies around the rise of the portfolio career, hiring a diverse mix of people on an affordable, ad hoc basis.

Ultimately, organisations will need to embrace a truly changing, global platform of talent management whilst achieving business goals.

Linking global mobility and optimum productivity is a professional relocation policy complete with reliable partners. “We understand the value of providing the right support services for your organisation and your assignees,” says Kevin Wieczorek, Sales & Marketing Director of BTR International. “We can ensure that your policy is fair, compliant and effective.”

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