Global organisations must recognise the key factors that influence talent recruitment and management as well as management styles.

Technology has driven availability – of teams and information. Today, the lines between work and life barely exist. New trends for the world of work are emerging.

A new research report by Deloitte has discovered the views of 3,300 business and human resources managers from across 106 different countries. Participants identified the key issues facing them and their organisations.

Ten global human capital trends resulted, affecting four broad aspects of leadership:

1. Leadership development is difficult – many companies are investing in accelerated leadership models.
2. Increasing skills gaps are leading companies to actively explore new approaches to learning and development.
3. Culture must be the focus when improving employee engagement, or face growing retention difficulties.
4. Sophisticated and flexible management is needed to cater for the ‘on demand’ requirements of today’s global business
5. Innovative performance solutions are replacing traditional performance management models
6. HR is undergoing an extreme makeover to adapt to business needs regarding impact and innovation
7. People-based analytics are simply not used sufficiently.
8. Third party data from social media channels is informing HR strategiesReimagining:
9. Simplification of work environments and practices is implemented to cope with information volume and system complexity.
10. Increased automation is challenging the design of work and the skills required from employees.

“Technology has broadened the world of work regarding skills, tasks and location,” says Kevin Wieczorek, Sales & Marketing Director of BTR International. “Increasingly, there is a global dynamic element with talent recruitment and management.”

He adds: “Choosing the right relocation partner takes the stress out of implementing global assignments, allowing HR teams to focus on the people involved and the business’ goals.”

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