A new Corporate Relocation Survey reveals how international relocations looked in 2016…

The findings issued by Atlas, show the current shape of global mobility plus how this compares to last year. 445 decision makers participated, with results based upon the first quarter of 2016.

This information is split into three key areas:

1. Duration
During 2016, the average length of an international assignment varied between:

• Less than one year – 25%
• One – three years – 48%
• Three years or longer – 27%

Shorter durations are becoming more popular, with only half the number of larger firms using this length of assignment compared with small and medium-sized firms.

Conversely, longer periods are far more popular with larger companies. 25% of moves during the survey period were permanent.

2. Destination
Most international relocations were to posts within:• Canada – 34%
• Asia – 29%
• United States – 26%
• UK – 23%
• Western Europe – 22%
• Eastern Europe – 22%
3. Relocation Policy
It is encouraging to see that relocation support offered by smaller companies has reached its highest level yet, (this survey began in 1998).In particular, increases have been noted in:• Making allowances for children to attend certain schools
Cultural and language support
• Storage allowances
• Leave entitlement when relocating abroad

Medium and large sized companies are offering relocation at a similar level to previous years.

“Companies have seen that supporting assignees and their families during international relocations improves productivity and motivation,” explains Kevin Wieczorek, Sales and Marketing Director of BTR International. “In particular, it is great to see that many more smaller companies are developing practical, helpful relocation policies.”

If you would like to discuss your company’s relocation without obligation, contact Kevin. Email kevin@btrinternational.com or call him on +44 (0) 1582 495495.

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