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A fully agile workforce willing to work internationally is increasingly important to commercial success. Many assignees see an international relocation as an important opportunity for career progression.

Findings from Expat Research (2019 study) show the top factor that influences the success of international relocations. These results inform the support that should be made available to assignees, thereby increasing the success of organisations’ global mobility programmes.

Firstly, it should be emphasized that most are successful relocations; only 5% (maximum) fail.

Ask assignees’ spouses “what is the number one factor contributing to assignment success?” and the answer is almost unanimous. A huge 99% of participants answer: “A strong and stable marriage.”

International relocation policies cannot influence the strength of a marriage! They can, however, reduce the stress involved with the move and how quickly people become productive in their new roles.

“It’s important to ensure that moving to a new country is as stress-free as possible,” says Louise Chilcott, Global Move Specialist at BTR international. “Adapting to a new culture affects how quickly assignees settle into their new role and team. Supporting spouses and families is hugely important and critical to relocation success.”

The Expat Research also identifies that over a third of expats “look for an external job opportunity with a competitor during an assignment.” This is worrying given the cost of international assignments and the value of truly globally mobile talent. Expat Research explains: “Global workers are people who bring wider experience, often heightened cultural awareness, language skills and sometimes possibilities for international networking. Given the range of their experience and the varied forms of their international work, they are undoubtedly ‘talent’ that organisations cannot afford to ignore.”

“Feedback during an assignment can highlight additional support issues that relocation packages or the workplace should offer,” explains Louise.  “Talent mobility is increasingly vital for commercial success. Choosing the right relocation partner will ensure that assignees are both professionally productive and personally settled as soon as possible.”

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