Global relocations and international working are a very common in today’s corporate culture. Many assignees value the quality of life as well as the career prospects that a move abroad can involve. Is it true that there’s no place like home?

A Telegraph survey shows that 89% of expats say they have a better quality of life abroad.

What is it about living and working abroad that gives this hugely popular advantage?

• 77% expats say that they enjoy a better work life balance with more free time and more socialising opportunities
• Half of expats benefit from a lower cost of living
• 26% people said that affordable housing was a key factor

So – almost nine out of ten people think that their quality of life is better abroad, plus 49% say they are living in a country that is friendlier than the UK.

But – 33% of expats will return to the UK for good in the future. Why?

Here are the top three qualities of the UK that expats come home for:

1. The weather! Yes, it’s true… 20% expats miss the unpredictable weather in the UK.
2. The NHS – many expats rely on private health care whilst living abroad. 15% missed our National Health Service.
3. Culture – the UK humour, history and culture is missed by 12% of expats surveyed

“Many of the global relocations that we manage involve moving to or from the UK,” says Suzanne Sells of BTR International. “We’ve helped people to relocate throughout the world. Whilst assignees often enjoy the opportunity, experience and lifestyle involved with relocating abroad, many look forward to returning home.”

If you’re tempted to look abroad for the quality of life or to return to the UK weather, talk to BTR International.

Email or call +44 (0)1582 495495. We’ll ensure that your move is as stress free as possible.

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