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When international assignees consider a new role and location, they often visit their potential home before making their final decision.

But – visiting somewhere is very different living there. It’s a test drive; it’s not the real thing.

What should assignees consider to ensure that their decision-making is balanced and realistic?

Five considerations prior to relocating:

1. Weigh up what you are leaving behind as well as what you are gaining from the relocation. Go into this with your eyes open.

2. Money isn’t everything, (although cost of living is definitely an issue to consider). Think about the lifestyle involved. Many cultures offer a good work-life balance and welcoming communities.

3. Research your destination –
the demographics, education, transport… how do these fit in with your requirements?

Demographics are especially important; they influence the options around you. Ensure that cross-cultural training and language tuitionis available if needed.

According to research by Christakis and Fowler, behaviours are contagious. Christakis explains: “You don’t ask an individual buffalo, ‘Why are you running to the left?’ The answer is that the whole herd is running to the left.” The findings showed that social networks influence people’s behaviours in the same way. Does your new location offer the social outlets you need?

4. Minimise the risks –
an initial temporary home will give you the opportunity to explore your new surroundings, experience your new commute and discover a new social life. A short-term initial let keeps your options open.

5. Get your family on board. International relocation is a huge change that affects the whole family. Are they moving with you or staying behind?

“Relocating abroad is a big step’” explains Kevin Wieczorek, Sales & Marketing Director of BTR International. “From language to lifestyle,we can inform and prepare assignees for practical living in their new locations. Thorough preparation directly influences how quickly people adapt to their new roles and homes.”

If you are interested in how to support and manage your relocation requirements, contact Kevin via or call +44 (0) 1582 495495.

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