Mark Sawyer is part of our expanding team based at Luton, Bedfordshire. He has a wealth of experience in removals and relocations. Here’s your introduction to Mark…

Mark is part of a team which looks after our major relocation accounts (with Brookfield and Cartus). He’s responsible for ensuring that corporate moves across the globe are completed smoothly. In particular, it’s Mark who talks to assignees to offer reassurance and information.

“Any move is can be stressful however when you, your family and your possessions are relocating to a different country there is a huge amount to consider,” says Mark. “My job is to ensure that the entire move is as stress-free as possible from start to finish.”
He adds: “There are three distinct areas that I’m involved with:

1. Organising the pre-move survey (with BTR International’s survey team)

2. Planning and quoting for the services needed at the move origin, for transportation such as shipping of furniture and other possessions, and at the move destination.
3. Liaising with the client who is moving, explaining every stage of their move and answering any queries.”He adds: “I’m always talking with people to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to check that they feel comfortable with the move process.”

Mark has worked within the industry for six years, gaining experience with general and niche removal companies. What does he particularly enjoy about working at BTR International?

“The BTR way of working is very customer-focussed and we are proud of our attention to detail. We are very thorough with every single move from the basic relocations to the complex ones. Helping assignees through the process and knowing that they appreciate my support is very rewarding.

“Plus, the BTR team has a brilliant way of working. We are fiercely professional about our jobs and we enjoy our work too. That makes the office a fun place to be whilst ensuring that we meet our customers’ wants and needs.
“No two moves are the same, so working at BTR is always interesting.”Away from work, Mark enjoys travelling – something which working at BTR can often involve – and cricket, both playing and coaching (the latter for the youth section which he co-founded). “I enjoy exploring new areas and have been a keen cricketer since school. Both interests are very time consuming… it’s a case of fitting them in!”

If you would like to know more about how BTR International manages and supports global relocations, call Mark on +44 (0) 1582 495 495 or email

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