Germany is known for its financial strength and rich culture, blending innovation and tradition. It also has a welcoming environment if you’re looking to relocate your family as part of your career move.

The country has become increasingly popular amongst international assignees, achieving an impressive eighth position in the Expat Explorer Survey of 2019. Spain was the only European to out-perform Germany, achieving fourth place.

Worldwide, Germany scores especially highly in:

·       Economic stability (2nd)

·       Schooling (3rd)

·       Political stability (8th)

·       Quality of Life (10th)

Germany is also known for its healthcare system with everyone covered for health insurance, under the statutory health insurance system or as a member of private health insurance. One Expat Explorer participant advises: “Don’t get lured in by private health insurance. The rates will go up with your age. Stick to the public “Krankenkasse” system. There are no pre-existing conditions, no age-related increases and free care for dependents.

One of the most important actions to remember when you are moving to Germany is to open a German bank account. This is essential for lots of everyday services such as internet provision or renting an apartment. Another Expat Explorer confirms the importance of professional advice: “Make sure to get yourself well informed about the tax classes.”

“We work with a specialist agency to help assignees with the financial requirements involved with a move to Germany,” explains Sarah Huntridge, Global Move Specialist at BTR International. “This includes accessing a bank account and financial services, working with your credit history and liaising with financial organisations to make the process as smooth as possible.”

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