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Many employees jump at the chance of an international assignment. Exciting challenges await… new role, new culture, a fresh start abroad. What are the advantages for the organisations involved?

Increasingly, companies are investing in global talent mobility. Global talent consultants MSI offer four reasons that organisations should introduce and develop international assignments:

1. Market Expansion
Research shows that expansion into existing markets is the biggest reason why employees are transferred overseas. International relocations can help a small office become a strong foothold abroad.

The other major factor for sending employees to another country is expansion into new markets. In fact, research shows that this is almost as important as moves to existing markets. (52% participants gave expanding existing markets as the main reason for internal relocations; 49% cited growing new markets as their main motivation for sending employees overseas.)

2. Develop Top Talent
International relocations involving existing employees help to:
• Project a consistent corporate identity
• Demonstrate commitment to employees’ personal development
• Provide the international experience often needed for leadership roles
• Show that employees are valued as they are trusted to represent the organisation overseas
3. Seize Opportunities Quickly
Existing employees understand the company’s culture, processes and plans. They can help the organisation to move quickly and streamline operations within global markets. This is especially important in markets where there is a local shortage suitably qualified and/or experienced talent.
4. A Different View
MSI explains that: “Being immersed in a new culture boosts creative problem solving and reveals valuable new ways of doing things, and the employee can both share these exciting insights with the company and apply them in his day-to-day work.”Is your organisation seizing the potential offered by international relocations? AT BTR International, we make global moves as stress-free and cost-effective as possible.To find out more without obligation, contact Louise Chilcott, Global Move and Relocation Specialist at BTR International. Email her or call her on +44 (0) 1582 495495

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