Moving Tips

A relocation process involves extensive planning and coordination with multiple entities, followed by the execution phase. That’s why it is often chaotic and cumbersome. As packing and moving specialists, for more than 35 years, we have developed an expertise that entitles us to offer some basic tips, when it comes to long distance or any kind of relocation process. These moving and packing tips will ensure you can guide your assignees in the right direction so that they do not face any kind of issues in relocating and settling into their new location.

This Relocation Checklist Is Useful In Any Moving Process:

  • Post Office (for redirecting mails)
  • Financial institutions (for transferring and/or closing accounts)
  • Electoral Poll
  • Tax department
  • Leasing company
  • Insurance companies (for transferring or terminating household insurance)
  • Life insurance company
  • Car insurance company
  • Health insurance company
  • School principal (for obtaining the status report and letter of release of your children)
  • Correspondents, acquaintances and friends 
  • Clubs (for certain membership formalities)
  • Newspapers, magazines, and other subscriptions
  • Doctors (for obtaining fitness certificates [if needed] and copies of your records)
  • Your lawyer and chartered accountant (if any)
  • Discontinue The Following Services (As And When Applicable):

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Telephone
  • Internet/ Satellite/ Television service
  • Newspaper/ or any kind of publication delivery
  • Remind Your Assignees To:

  • Defrost the freezer and disconnect the fridge
  • Drain all the water hoses
  • Disconnect the washing machine and ensure the drum is fully drained and water residue free.
  • Safety certificates in place for important appliances to ensure they are prepared for a move ie. Gas dis-connected:
  • Dispose of items they do not wish to take with them
  • Remove their own fixtures or any type of fittings from walls
  • The Given List Specifies Items That Can Be Classified As Dangerous And Hence Advise Your Assignees Not To Store Or Transport Them:

  • Ammunition
  • Cans of paint
  • Linseed oil
  • Bleach products
  • Gas cylinders
  • Turpentine
  • Kerosene
  • Gasoline
  • Cleaning fluids
  • Aerosols (of any kind)
  • Vegetable oils
  • Chemical sets
  • A Few Don’ts That Your Assignees Need To Be Aware Of:

  • Don’t forget to specify the high-value items when you make a declaration of transit protection
  • Don’t put fragile items that can break, in drawers
  • Don’t put any type of liquids like perfumes or sauce bottles in drawers
  • Don’t store food items that are perishable, like flours or cereals, etc.
  • Don’t polish the pieces of furniture that you’re planning to move. Recently polished surfaces when wrapped might cause texture damage
  • Don’t transport or store precious jewellery, cash, legal papers and important valuable documents. Carry them with you.
  • Share these moving tips with your assignees and you are sure they will have a stress-free relocation process.

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    Louise was professional, personable, and caring throughout our entire process, which was not easy due to the other removals company. We had to put total faith in her and BTR to collect our belongings, unpack, inventory, repack, and ship… and upon receiving everything a couple months ago (and only now getting through it all), we are so very pleased. We had a lot of valuables such as delicate antiques that were clearly wrapped and packed with care. Louise had sent me photos of how her team came upon our things in the storage unit they collected it from (at the other company), and it was shocking how things had been haphazardly stacked on top of each other, heavy boxes smashing more fragile ones, furniture left with gouge marks. We could tell BTR did their best to treat our things with more respect and consideration, and as we have been unpacking our boxes, we have been continually impressed and appreciative of the way things have been packaged.

    Leah McC

    Moved from London to New York

    We had good experiences using BTR for 2 corporate moves so felt confident using them to ship a small quantity of personal items from Liverpool to Florida. They did not disappoint. The whole process, from quote to unpacking was very professional and stress free. Lee kept us informed throughout, and all the staff were punctual, courteous, and helpful. Whether a large corporate move or our small shipment, BTR treated both with the same careful professionalism. Thank you.

    Sheila and Ian Aitken