Workforce Mobility

At BTR International, we’re committed to offering the highest standards in workforce mobility solutions, where we address the challenges of today with solutions of tomorrow.

Trusted Service Since 1983

Since 1983, we have offered smart and achievable moving solutions to some of the world’s most prominent enterprises in deploying their talent force, on a worldwide basis.

Hassle-Free Mobility Processes

We understand that being relocated to various parts of the world on a career path are usually the most significant performers.

These essential employees have the potential to boost the revenue of a company. They are critical recruits who can significantly shape the fortunes of a company, so investment is key. This is why we leave no stones unturned in order to ensure we make not only the relocation process smooth but also assist with settling in. After all, if your employees are well settled in their new location, it is natural, they will be focused on their work and thereby, give greater output.

Scalable Solutions

Our concern is not where you are relocating your employees, or for whatever reasons. Our objective is to aid you in leveraging your mobile workforce to its fullest potential with solutions that are scalable, for developing world-class leaders. We help you in making your relocation programme attractive to your key talent, which enables you to deliver a culture, where employees show no resistance or concerns towards mobility enabling the organization to become a market leader in offering the best possible amenities to your employees, who in turn assist you in driving strategy and help your company attain greater heights.

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