Destination Services

Assignees who are better informed, tend to get attuned to the new environs better and adjust faster. It is easier for them to cope with the new people, new cultures, a new way of life because they know what is in store for them.

Preview Trips

As a brand that has evolved over the years, we understand that an expectation setting is very crucial for the assignees when they go to a different city or country to make it home. Our consultants, who are placed throughout the world, are well-informed to give a detailed account of the destinations the assignees are sent to.

The first-person insight and tailor-made preview trips from our consultants help the assignees understand how things function in the country they are about to make their home. We explain that each destination has a wide range of accommodation patterns and based on the housing allowance, requirements, community facilities, safety provisions and preferences, we help the assignees select their perfect home.

Finalising On A Property

As a part of our destination services, we offer help from negotiating the contract terms of the property, coordinating formalities in the new home, to finally concluding a contract and the steps leading to exiting a property. So, the entire process is taken care of.

Settling In

We are not only here to help your employees to select a house, we also aid them to settle down and get adjusted to a new place by helping them to arrange for the basic utilities to be set up in the new home to banking formalities, procuring a driving licence, local registrations and other insurance services.


Rest assured we will assist your assignees at every point, as we offer end-to-end services in preparing your assignees to settle into their new destination.


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BTR have been our ray of hope in our search for a new home. The team understood our requirements and catered to our needs. The home search was on point and the properties we viewed matched our requirements well. We are very happy that BTR assisted us in finding our new home and the journey hasn’t ended here. They are always there and respond extremely swiftly when we need them or have a concern. If you’re looking to relocate to a new place, we highly recommend BTR for the services. You won’t be disappointed.


Paediatric Consultant